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9/22/11  11:06 pm
Commenter: Maheen Shahid

End Discrimination Now

I honestly shouldn't even have to explain why it should be illegal to discriminate against race, religion, gender identiy, sexual orientation, and country of origin during the adoption process.

I'll make this as simple as possible.

So a black child has an asian mother. Who cares? A friend of mine was adopted from Cambodia and has two, yes, TWO, white mothers. She turned out just fine. To care about race issues for a subject like this brings back feelings of a Jim Crow-esque era.

You were given up by Jewish parents, raised in a Catholic household, and are now adopted by Muslim parents? Does it matter? Religion to this generation doesn't matter as much as the previous one, anyway.

Gender Identity:
You wouldn't discriminate against blue-eyed parents, why would you discriminate against genderqueer or transexual parents? I'm assuming their parents weren't either of those, most aren't.

Sexual Orientation:
The year is 2011. Girls can like girls. Boys can like boys. We all know it happened at Woodstock, stop trying to pretend you're horrified by it. Stop trying to use the Bible to justify your hate. The Bible also says to never say God's name in vain, eat shellfish, or get a haircut, but I guess we can just let those slide.

Country of Origin:
My parents were not born here. I'm sure your great-grandparents weren't born in the good ol' USA either.


Can you imagine how it is for the kids? To know there is a caring person or persons out there for them, yet they are denied a new family due to a ridiculous bias?


End discrimination. Stop bigotry. 

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