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9/22/11  5:19 pm
Commenter: Eleanor Reale

Faith-Based Adoption and Child Placement

It would be a true disservice to children to take away the license of Faith-Based Adoption and Child Placement organizations because of the faith these organizations carry into  their operating procedures.  Because they do not place children in homes of homosexuals does not discriminate against homosexuals as these individuals have other opportunites outside of the faith-based organizations to adopt.  These faith-based organizations have been responsible for the majority of adoptions and placements in Virginia.  There is no dispute that these organizations are needed.   It appears that the state is trying to force the Faith-Based organizations out of business or to make them recant their faith beliefs and surrender to the politcally correct thing to do at this moment.  This certainly appears  to be an effort by homosexuals and their supporters to have their lifestyle acknowledged and accepted rather than concern for the welfare and future of the children in need.  I sincerely hope that the state of Virginia recognizes the importance of these Faith-Based Adoption and Child Placement organizations and will not allow a pro homosexual lobby to hurt the children who are in need of families.  Whether you agree or disagree with placing a child in a home with homosexuals, most intelligent and caring folks would not want the license of organizations who have been so successful in meeting such an important need for children in our state taken away.

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