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9/22/11  3:39 pm
Commenter: Deborah Mitchell

Preserve Religious Freedom

The Problem of Same-Sex Adoption

  • Ideologically-motivated initiatives, such as the push for same-sex adoption, often negate the purpose of adoption: serving the best interest of children.
  • Proper child development requires that children have daily access to the different and complementary ways mothers and fathers parent. Same-sex caregivers cannot provide both the unique father-love and mother-love children need:
    • Mothers and fathers parent differently, and their distinct styles of interaction teach children how to deal with contrasting relational styles.
    • Mothers and fathers play differently. A father's tendency to roughhouse and a mother's tendency to nurture provide a unique balance of both confidence and security to their children.
    • Mothers and fathers communicate differently. Children need exposure to both a mother's personal, encouraging and sympathetic style of communication and a father's brief, directive and stern style of communication.
    • Fathers push limits while mothers encourage security. These contrasts help children remain safe while expanding their experiences and independence.
    • Fathers model male behavior and mothers model female behavior for their children in unique ways that cannot be replicated by the opposite sex.
    • Fathers and mothers teach their children respect for the opposite sex and model how to confidently and lovingly interact with the opposite sex.
  • Research on various family structures calls into question the health of same-sex families for children.
    • Children do best in every important measure when raised by two married, biological parents.
    • No long-term studies with sound methodologies have examined the well-being of children in same-sex homes.
    • Children raised in mother-only homes often suffer harmful consequences, including increased likelihood of suspension, emotional problems, delinquency, abuse and drug use.
    • Divorce is a brutally painful experience that causes social, emotional and psychological problems for a child.
    • Children growing up in stepfamilies often face a greater risk of negative physical, emotional and behavioral consequences including various forms of abuse.
  • A loving society comes to the aid of motherless or fatherless families but does not intentionally create them.
  • While children in the foster care system are waiting to be adopted, the solution remains to encourage married couples to follow through on adopting these children.
    • There are more than 425 married couples in the United States for each child waiting to be adopted out of foster care.
    • Married couples should be encouraged to consider adopting older and special needs children who are often trapped in the foster care system.
  • Freedom of Conscience laws need to be enacted.
    • Adoption agencies should not be forced to decide between closing their doors and violating deeply-held beliefs by facilitating placements with homosexual couples.
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