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9/22/11  12:15 pm
Commenter: Malcom Zalcon

Religious Freedoms = Special Interest Group

The argument for religious freedoms is coming from one or two faith based groups, one being Catholic Charities.  The majority of the faith based or foster/adoption agencies affiliated with religions that contract/operate within Virginia do not employ such discriminatory practices.  I know from personal experience.  It is a small well organized group that has appealed to the Governers need to impose his values on the entire Commonwealth and impeded the placement of children who desperately need homes.  This small special interest group is giving all the other faith based agencies a bad name and in the process attempting to control the fate for many children who were not even raised in the faith they will expect them to be converted to .  Whose freedoms are really being ignored here if they uphold the April 20th vote?  Its the children who cannot speak for themselves and the majority of Virginians not associated with this small special interest group that will be losing their freedom of choice.  The fact is those agencies who are pushing for the disrciminatory language barely even put a dent in the number of public adoptions that go through each year in Virginia yet they want to make it even harder to place children.  This is shameful. 

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