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9/22/11  10:33 am
Commenter: Stephen Vandivere

Restore anti-discrimination provisions

I believe that any of the discrimination under consideration is wrong. The pool of available and qualifed prospective adopters should be as large as possible, especially for adoption of children in trouble, and should not be reduced by allowing such discrimination.

I am told that there is no evidence the gender, national origin, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, or family status has any bearing on the fitness of a prospective parent to care properly for a child. (One personal experience may be indicative. Without going into detail, I had occasion to observe, in another state, two men who were acting as foster parents and who wanted to adopt not only their foster child, but also that baby's two older siblings being fostered by a member of my family. What I observed over a period of several hours was two caring, loving, gentle men who I have no doubt would make good parents.)

Screening prospective adoptive parents  and placing children is a government function. Private agencies, when acting for the state, should not be allowed to discriminate.


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