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9/22/11  10:31 am
Commenter: R. G. Wilkinson

Revisions to Adoption Regulations

The Board's goal with these regulations should be to ensure that the greatest number of children possible are adopted into loving, caring families.  Allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against gay and lesbian individuals and couples is a disservice, and does not promote such a goal.

Numerous studies have shown that gays and lesbians are in no way inferior to others when it comes to rearing adopted children.  If fact, given that this demographic tends to be in upper income brackets, as parents they can provide material benefits as well as love and nourishment in a protective environment.

The separation of church and state is an essential tenant beginning with the founding of this nation; allowing one's particular religious beliefs to intrude into government regulations is not only improper, it is illegal.

Since Virginia's founding, religious freedom has been a fundamental right; it is shameful to consider allowing one particular religious belief to overrule and supercede all others.  That is not religious freedom; rather, it approaches a theocracy, akin to the government of Iran.

I strongly urge the Board to place the needs of children in need of adoption above the political agenda of some individuals.

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