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9/21/11  10:50 pm
Commenter: S Dorham, Adoptive Parent

Kids Genetically Wired to Need Mom and Dad

You Can't change genetics!

Kids need a male dad and a female mom to grow best.

We adopted two children, and they need old-fashioned "normal" to overcome the upheaval of their young years.

Just like genetically modified seeds are asking for trouble, modified families are asking for trouble.

The best seeds are heirloom seeds.  Heritage seeds.  They haven't been altered.

The best environment for kids is an heirloom home.  A heritage home.  One male dad and one female mom.

Might be politically incorrect, but you can't change it!  That's just the way kids are hard-wired.

We all want what's best for the children.  

We can only guess at the societal effects of GMO foods grown from 'alternative' seeds.

We can only guess at the societal effects of children who grow up in 'alternative' homes.

Stick with what nature intended.

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