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9/21/11  2:34 pm
Commenter: Constitution Party of Virginia

Defeat Tyranny, Uphold Liberty - For 22VAC40-131-170 as now worded

Constitution Party of Virginia

Dear Board of Social Services and the People of Virginia,

We applaud the State Board of Social Services for their 7-2 vote on 22VA40-131-179 as it currently is worded.

We find abhorrent the discriminatory language which the Sexual Perversion Lobby sought to have inserted into Virginia Administrative Code (VAC).  This lobby is entirely willing to act the tyrant, put a legal code gun to the heads of People of Christian Faith, and drop them dead in their tracks.  We say this in part because there is presently nothing in the VAC language which prevents homosexuals and their allies from running their own adoption agencies, and yet they are quite willing to compel by force the behavior and outcomes of others.

The VAC wording as it now stands in 22VAC40-131-170 is that which allows the greatest latitude of concern for what is best for children.

In upholding the Natural Right of the People of Virginia to decide their own circumstances according to their conscience, the Board of Social Services acted rightly.  For this, the Board is to be commended.

Dave Mason

Vice Chairman

Constitution Party of Virginia



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