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9/20/11  8:33 pm
Commenter: Heather Garrett, child welfare social worker

Virginia's needs anti-discrimination

Virginia's children and families need for this anti-discrimination policy to be adopted!  There are so many children in Virginia waiting for an adoptive family right now.  As well, there are many children in group homes or residential placements who need foster families.  ALL of these children deserve to be in loving homes.  We should be removing any restrictions to providing loving, capable families for these children.  It is our responsibility!  Adding anti-discrimination language to include sexual orientation and family status would remove barriers that keep social workers from finding families for children who need them.  It is cruel to deprive children of loving homes because some adults in Virignia are fearful and ignorant of those who are different than themselves.  And it is cruel to keep loving and capable LGBT individuals and couples from providing homes and care for children in need. I do believe that those individuals who would allow their own fear and prejudice to keep needy children from having families are in the minority, I simply cannot think otherwise.  I ask that the Social Services Board do the morally and ethically right thing and adopt the non-discrimination policy for foster and adoptive parents.  

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