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9/20/11  12:18 pm
Commenter: Jim Lawrence

From the perspective of a treatment professional and a parent.

I have treated juvenile victims of sexual abuse for over 22 years.  Most of my clients are female, the overwhelming majority are molested by heterosexual males....the statistics support that.  In fact one in four girls will be molested prior to age 18 in this country and most by men.  The statistics for males being molested are much lower so that negates those arguments that gays are not fit to parent because they will molest.  This is just plain old ignorance and hate anymore.

The majority of the children I treat have been in the foster care system at one time, many remain in it because their straight parents cannot or will not protect them from the offender.  These kids don't give a hoot about if their next set of parents are gay, straight, single, black ,white, etc.  They just want a safe home that will love them, nuture them and keep them safe.  More damage is done the longer they languish without a forever home.  So to reduce the pot of potention homes in the name of one groups freedoms is appalling.  I doubt the Governor or the Board will stand up for the children of this State.  Thier track record so far is that they are more interested in narrow minded values and special interest groups.  For states like Virginia it will be a long time coming.  I hope they prove me wrong. 

I support adoption/foster care regulations protecting potential parents from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, religious or political affiliation, race, color or national origin.

And for you haters out there...yes I am Gay and proud.  And yes I have adopted and raised children who are straight and well adjusted as well as very successful in life.  I adopted older children, the ones that are often overlooked because of age.  Thank God there was an agency who looked at me for my ability to care and raise children as to the lone fact I was Gay.  My kids may have otherwise never found a home. 

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