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9/20/11  11:42 am
Commenter: Jennie

Don't be Massachusetts

Similar legislation violated privacy and religious freedoms in Massachusetts in 2006, forcing Catholic Charities to close down.  It happened to Catholic Charities again in February of 2010 in Washington, D.C.  Thousands of children, particularly those with special needs, lost their voice because of this type of anti-religious legislation.  If homosexuals can already adopt in Virginia, what is the purpose of closing down faith-based adoption services?  It's a bullying tactic--trying to force every organization to comply with a point of view or be forced out of town.  On this, and most issues, it really is okay to agree to disagree.   For the good of the children, please allow faith-based organizations to function with integrity to their principles.  Please don't let a louder voice shout down and shut down those people who go about quietly doing good and providing services that no one else does, and frankly, that no one else will if they don't.

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