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9/20/11  10:05 am
Commenter: David Alan Carmichael, Freedom Ministries

No Privilege or Immunity (Right) To Adopt Non-Family Member's Child

Virginia Code 2.2-200 cites the law that guards the rights of Virginians.  The law cited there can be discovered by reading Sir William Blackstones Commentaries on the Laws of England (Circa 1766).  Only those with direct blood relations (referred to as First Blood) have what can be ascertained as some sort of 'right' with regard to the adoption of a child.  The law cited there indicates that government and law is there to protect the weekest members of our society from the insults and injuries of the stronger.  The law cited there indicates children are the most vulnerable of all and parents have an obligation to rear them according to the highest standards.  The law cited there holds homosexual conduct in parallel with beastiality as being a violation of the law of nature... a crime not fit to be named; indeed a capital crime.  

Other people's children ought not to be treated as society's test lab experiment.  Government must protect plainly-evident-in-law rights of natural parents to rear their children according to their religion and right of association.  Those are inalienable rights that no parent must yeild to the convenience of society.  They are the rights that government was instituted to protect. .


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