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9/20/11  7:41 am
Commenter: Lynda Bright, Virginia resident

Proposed regulations are a violation.

Homosexuals already have avenues to adopt in VA.

These faith-based placement agencies only improve the chances that more children will be placed in loving homes.  These propsed regulations trample all over the rights of birth moms to place their children in a faith-based adoption agency if she so chooses.  What about that?

The use of the word "discriminate" has been thrown around by the ACLU for years to stir people up.  But it seems to me it is the ACLU who is discriminating against people of faith.

These proposed regulations violate state and federal laws which protect and preserve the rights of the angencies, birthparents and adoptive parents.  To my knowledge there is no viable reason to imopse the proposed regualtions on these agencies, birthparents and adoptive parents other than to silence a noisy minority.  That would be a shame.

In April the State Board of Social Servises correctly upheld the rights of faith-base child placement agencies.  Because these regulations are fundamentally illegal, who ever proposed them must not understand the foundational rights and freedoms guarenteed by the State of Virginia and The United States of America.

Virginia resident, registered voter, concerned citizen,


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