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9/20/11  7:26 am
Commenter: Julie Zackrisson

Preserve Religious Freedom

Please continue to allow Faith-based child placement agencies to continue their great work of helping children and families without governmental intrusion intot he practice of their faith.  Faith-based child placement agencies have a right, under federal and state law, to make decisions that are consistent with their reililgous beliefs, including their beliefs about marriage and family life.  This must be respected and preserved.  many birthparents and prospective adoptive parents hld these beliefs as well, and they have every rigth to work with agencies that that share their values.  Forcing agencies and indiviusals to choose between following their own values or follwoing the proposed dsicrimatory regulation would be an unprecenteded violation of religious freedom in our Commonwealth and our country.  Faith-based agencies provide a vital service to our community and they must be allowed to continue to serve in the great way that they do!

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