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9/19/11  11:38 pm
Commenter: EM Buckles(self)

Please preserve religious freedom in adoptions

Respectfully submitted, although not an attorney, as one who has some paralegal background and worked for a Federal appeals court at one point, I cannot and do not attempt to give legal advice.  Even so, in my personal layperson's opinion, I tend to wonder if Virginia either forced private, religious related adoptions agencies to handle adoptions to homosexual, bisexual, what have you persons, about whom they have concerns based on their beliefs, or if Virginia forced them to go out of service if Virginia, in either case,  might be violating their constitutional rights to freedom of religion.  As I understand it, in Virginia homosexual, etc. persons CAN adopt so they are still being served by agencies which will consider them for adoptions and are NOT being entirely excluded from the process.   The religious based organizations are simply serving those who follow their religious beliefs -  Catholic, protestant, Islamic, etc.   - and there are those adoptions facilitators who will serve the homosexual, etc. communities.  If the religious based adoptions organizations were forced to close, this would place an unnecessary strain on Virginia's public adoptions services resulting in delays in adoptions. It could also eventually result in costly litigation,as well as in political conflicts and turmoil,  creating a lot of unnecessary strife, and delays in adoptions.  The system allowing religious organizations to handle adoptions and still maintain their faith perspective is helpful to Virginia's children needing to be adopted and, here again, homosexuals, etc. can still maintain their lifestyle and be adoptive parents as well.  I think that this sort of arrangement works well for all concerned and should be allowed to continue.     

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