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9/19/11  4:08 pm
Commenter: Northside MESO Club

Antiquated Laws Must Be Repealed

We are a student-run organization which represents tolerance and fights against intolerance within our school, community, country, and across the world. We have come together to add our voices against the discrimination practices within Virginia adoption services.

Anyone with the ability and responsibility to raise a child or multiple children should be allowed to adopt if that is their choice. You cannot judge a couple or single persons' parenting skills based on statistics or their ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, political / religious beliefs, physical disability, and family status. The fact that there are many potential parents in Virginia and still a large number of children waiting for adoption speaks to support anti-discrimination practices. The law needs to be revised so that every child has the best chance to find a loving and happy home.

Discrimination should not become commonplace in Virginia law!

Northside MESO Club

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