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9/19/11  1:12 pm
Commenter: Lynn Metzger

preserve religious freedom of faith based adoption agencies!

I am very concerned that religious freedom is being trampled on. Faith-based adoption agencies should be free to do just that,  adopt out children with the ability to exercise their religious freedom w/o it being restricted.

Mothers who adopt out their children (rather than abort them...bless their hearts ) often have specific creiteria for who will get their child...they expect the private faith baseed adoption agency to keep their promise to adopt their children to people of faith...

Homoxexuality is not a religion but their "beliefs" are often contrary to those of faith...and, since they cannot have children on their own ( God didn't make homosexual sex procreative!) they seem to want to have a "corner" on the market to get babies just on the choice of being gay!

Studies have already shown that children growing up this way have GREAT confusion of their gender identity and even more problems with family identity. (who are my blood relatives?since they don't have any!) and often in an adoption of this kind, the gay community prefers that no contact be made with the biological parents to prevent conservative religious beliefs from being introduced.

There are already many problems with "who gets custody of the child" should the homosexual couple divorce. and often, these are not set up in the adoption.  And since neither parent has "biological rights" often the battle goes on for years with great harm to the child. or, as in the case, when one lesbian woman divorced and became a Christian, she realized the harm of the homosexual lifestyle and fled with the child to protect her.

Consider the future of these chldren and NOT JUST THE RIGHTS OF HOMOSEXUALS!  Please consider the rights of the biological parent and the right of the child to have the religious upbringing requested by parent honored that includes morals that are upright and honorable. If gays want to adopt, then can go to public agencies that do not have these guidelines, but private agencies deserve the right to keep theirs in place for the honor of the parents who give their chldren up for adoption.

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