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9/19/11  11:56 am
Commenter: George Switzer

Preserve religious freedom

Reject the proposed regulation. 

The only reason this comment period is open is due to threatened litigation by special interest groups who are probably pushing a nation wide effort to control the outcome in Virginia.  The comments do not rely on a mailing address, so the results are not representative of Virginians. The outcome of this decision should only rely on the voice of Virginians!

Preserve the religious freedom of child placement services to perform their activities as they see fit.  The proponents of this regulation are free to create their own placement services.  Instead, they want to force their viewpoint on all without concern for the welfare of the children.  This regulation is not about freedom, but instead it is about oppression.  Religious freedom is a fundamental right, and it should be preserved.

Again, as a Virginian I urge the board to reject the proposed regulation.

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