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9/19/11  11:22 am
Commenter: Sherry Holland

In Response to Deborah Maguire

With all due respect, a careful and serious study of Scripture tells us that Jesus had much to say about sin, righteousness and God's standard. While He calls us to show love and mutual respect to all, He does call us to a higher standard of righteousness (As Christians.) He taught that there WOULD be a time of JUDGEMENT and that there IS judgement for sin. Since Christ was God in the flesh we can know that "In the beginning..." He intended that the family consist of a father and a mother. Yes! He is THE CREATOR of THE FAMILY. It was HIS idea. I understand what Deborah is trying to say, but she is also using Jesus to push something that He was and is clearly against (something that Scripture clearly speaks against). This concerns me. I do not want Christ to be misrepresented. Christ wants what is best for the CHILD- not an agenda. Not what seems best to selfish human beings. He desires a child to be part of a loving family that consists of a father and a mother. He, of course, came to offer love and Salvation to ALL that will repent and receive it, but His standard is still quite clear. I hope you will not be afraid to dive into the TRUTH of Scripture to see what God REALLY has to say about such topics and not just accept blanket statements that SEEM right to man. We can preach a politically correct love until the cows come home, but again, God was not and is not JUST a LOVING God. He is ALSO a JUST God. Sometimes an ANGRY God and He WILL see that justice comes- in His time. These children are His. His desire is that His original design for the family be upheld.

Nevertheless- you MUST preserve religious freedom. It is what makes this country great!

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