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9/17/11  11:10 am
Commenter: Darren Whitfield

I support Anti-discriminatory legislation

I support anti-discriminatory practices in adoption because there are a lot of children in the child protection system who need good homes. Study after study shows that in order for children to grow up and become health members of society they need a good home with lovely supportive parents. No of these studies site sexual orientation. If you look at studies about children raised in a same sex family, you will note that there was never any damage to the well being of the child due to the sexual orientation of the parents. I support this legislation because children need good homes and parents. I also support this legislation because I know same sex couples who are amazing parents to their adoptive children. I am former from Iowa where there is debate going on about same sex marriage and I want to leave you with this clip that recieved national attention because it illustrates who children of same sex couples feel. 


Zach Walhs

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