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9/17/11  11:07 am
Commenter: C. James

Different definition as to what is truly best for the children

Have we truly become a nation where the family is redefined without any sense of moral obligation?  Is morality redefined according to the culture and the pressure put upon us by a limited group of people?

I have both homosexual and lesbian friends. Their lifestyle is their choice and is truly no different than today's couples living together without marriage, but that does not change the way God has designed the world to function.  People are born both male and female for a reason. If there were no differences than I'm sure we would all be non sexual beings.

Throughout the history of the world, family has been defined by father, mother. Can that be changed by our own desires?  I think not.  Are there poor marriages of hetersexuals?  Absolutely!  That does not negate the original design. 

Let's keep the best interest of a child in mind.  They already have experienced much confusion in their lifetime. Sex is very much a part of the human experience and up til recently was limited, even legally, by male/female relations.

Cultural changes occur but they are not always for the betterment of mankind. The sexual revolution has not produced  healthier and emotionally more stable people.

Let's give these kids an opportunity to experience a family unit as designed by our Creator, and not allow this to become a politically charged issue. Political correctness is another way of saying that we are afraid to stand for what we believe.  I have the same rights as do others and it does not mean that I hate those opposed. I have the right to disagree and that is called freedom.


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