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9/16/11  5:41 pm
Commenter: Harmony Evans

Bring back all of the original protections PLUS protections for transgendered individuals.

It has been brought to my attention that when this adoption bill was presented, there were more protections on it than there are now. I believe only protecting people under race, notional origin, and political affiliation is excellent for those individuals who fall under those catigories, but this list needs to be longer. There are large numbers of people who would be discriminated against if this bill was passed with only those protections. This bill should also include protections from discrimination against sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, disability, and transgender qualities. There are many overlapping comunities that would still be discriminated against if these protections are not put into place, such as the LGBT community, religious minorities, the elderly, and the disabled. Every person, should they meet normal standards, should be allowed the oppurtunity to adopt a child in need and not have to worry about being turned away only for having one of these qualities or being a part of one of these communities. We should judge on the content of someone's character, not aspects about them that they cannot change. There are so many kids who need loving homes, and I believe those needs are greater than the needs to shut out certian minority groups for simply being what they are.  

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