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9/16/11  2:04 pm
Commenter: Evan Stouffer

Kudos to the State Board

Luckily someone was brave enough to stand up to the Governor and reopen this to public comment.  Originally this regulation passed review with the anti-discrimination wording but after being pressured by religious groups the Governor pressured the Commissioner into removing the anti-discriminatin wording and then they had the nerve to argue the changes in wording did not substantially impact the regulation.  It seems by the responses you are getting it did make a difference to a number of Viriginians, a substantial difference. 

This regulation should be reverted back to include the anti-discrimination language originally included before the Governor attempted secretly substantially change the content. 

Kudos to the Board for doing the right thing and bringing it to the attention of the taxpayers of VA.  One must ask what other changes have been made without due process and gone unnoticed?

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