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9/16/11  12:03 pm
Commenter: Harvey Summers

Do not deny children from being adopted by qualified individuals based on prejudice
I was raised by gay parents and am an adoptive parent myself, and speak from experience when I support adoption by qualified individuals and families regardless of sexual orientation.
My mother lived with the same woman for 27 years, until separated by death. Although we were very poor, they raised me to be a productive citizen, with an advanced education and upper-middle class lifestyle. My upbringing was comparable to that of every other family. I was exposed to gay people regularly and found this people to be loving, caring, accepting people, no different than anyone else.  And it didn't change me or my sexual orientation; I am a straight, married father of two today. Being raised by gay parents is no different than being raised by straight parents and anyone who says otherwise is ill-informed or prejudiced.
This bigotry toward qualified gay individuals and families should not deny children the love and support that qualified American citizens can provide.
  1. The best interests of the child should be the sole factor in deciding whether a child should be placed with a prospective foster care or adoptive parent or parents
  2. State-licensed child placing agencies should not be allowed to discriminate against children or prospective parents based on race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability and family status
  3. The State Board of Social Services should restore to the final rules the protections against such discrimination included in the proposed rules.
America and the Commonwealth of Virginia cannot tolerate inequality of rights towards our citizens and children should not be punished as a result of bigotry and prejudice. The right thing to do is also in the best interest of all involved.
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