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9/16/11  12:02 pm
Commenter: Daniel Craft

End discrimination on adoptions.

There should not be a debate about discrimiation of race, national origin, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, age, religion or lack thereof, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability and family status on those seaching to adopt, as it only creates a more difficult situation for children to find a good and loving home.  Allowing a discriminatory policy in no way would help these children.  Any organization which either recieves funding from the state or is licensed under the state for their adoptive services, should not be an arbiter for determinining what "types" of people should be allowed to adopt or foster, only if the seeking family would be providing a healthy and loving enviroment.  If adoption and social services want the best outcome and life for children who have been placed into the adoption and foster care system,  there should be priority to providing a non-discrimintory policy to anyone seeking to become adoptive or foster parents.  

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