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9/16/11  10:43 am
Commenter: Brad Dingman


My how the country is gone in the past six-seven years.I look back some thirty years ago and see many more changes and it it hard to believe.I personally believe that some important religious liberties are infringed upon.When it comes to moral acts or injustice of civil acts we used to look at the churches in times past for these convictions.Why wouldn't we? When these convictions are tested and brought to light ,I think it is only right to look at the basic civil and moral obligations in religion and hold to them to be a guiding light to guide our judgements in society.We keep hearing how it should be a personal matter when we all know that through the history of the church in never has been from the start.These convictions were never bottled up but were heard all over former empires.In turn,they contributed to some honesty,justice and mercy.We should as a state and country never forget or consult these basic truths to guide our way. Brad Dingman

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