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9/15/11  10:12 pm
Commenter: Bien Fajardo

On the whole adoption not being inclusive, but restrictive groups

The allowance of discrimination based on "sexual orientation, disability, age, gender, gender-identity (trans), race, color, national origin, political or religious affiliation" to be re-opened is really unheard of.  For one, if there hasn't been any problems or conflicts in the past, why change it? For decades/centuries the entire purpose for adoption agencies is to PROVIDE homes for children in need for parental units who are deemed worthy (economically, socially, emotional) in order to create and continue the simple structure of the family unit. To allow this, many children would go through years of not knowing what it would be like to have, touch, feel of being cared for and loved by someone who can give support physically and morally. No matter what type of person(s) who want to adopt, if they are able to love and support the child[ren], what is stopping an agency from granting that?

For the arguments of "protecting religious beliefs", the fact is, you can always have beliefs with you, no one would ever argue against that. The only problem with that is that this is a secular society, a society in which [should] be inclusive to everyone even if they don't have the same belief system.  The foundation of the U.S. progression started off from the Enlightenment movement, and throughout the centuries we as a country have grown to be more accepting such as suffrage (90 years ago at least), Civil Rights movement (50 years or so) and now the LGBTQ.

We should learn by now what discrimination is defined as, an exclusion to a particular group due to certain traits. More importantly, we should also know by now that such discrimination is unacceptable in a growing society.


Thank you for your time, and please consider action return the adoption procedures to the original state.




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