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9/15/11  12:42 pm
Commenter: Kathy Crews

Stop the discrimination on VA adoptions

I am truly appauled at the current discrimination here in VA regarding our LGBT community in regards to marriage and the adoption of children. Children that are sitting there in our foster care system or in orphanages, where some will never be adopted by those considered suitable by current VA standards. How can we as Americans and citizens here in VA continue to allow adoption regulations to determine who is most suitable to adopt? These rules/laws associated with adoption appear to me to be as a direct result of individual moral and/or relegious preferences. This is WRONG!!! Just knowing that we have children in our system that would love to be adopted and loved...given the things that other children have...and can proudly say "this is my dad/mom"!! How can we and WHO are we to say that these children are "better off" living without ANY of this just because the adopter doesn't meet the requirements because they happen to be Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Transgender?

We are not giving these children the opportunities that we should be required to do, Things are different in todays world and we as humans should be more understanding and accepting of those around us. Are we seriously still that prejudice in our governmental agencies? It is time to stop this discrimination and allow these wonderful children to live a life of happiness with a parent or parents that love them...regardless of the parents sexual orientation.

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