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9/15/11  10:41 am
Commenter: Karyl Lounsbery

Gay adoption/religious freedom issue

Religious organizations who are governed by state regulations should be forced to follow those state regulations, just like any other organization governed by those same regulation has to.  All people, gay, straight, bisexual, White, Black, Asian, Native American, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, biological male, biological female, transman, transfemale, etc, should be allowed to adopt children provided he/she is not a convicted child molester or other type of major criminal.  Children need good homes and research proves that children raised in LGBT families are no more likely to have emotional problems than children raised in traditional straight families.  Religion must adapt to the changing mores of society in order to survive.  Forcing them to do so is really good for them as well.  Please allow all families to adopt or foster children in need.

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