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9/15/11  10:01 am
Commenter: Nancy Brock, MSW Social Worker

Rational vs. Irrational Discrimination

Vulnerable children need rational disciminiation in the choice of persons to be foster and adoptive parents.  Yet these bases of discrimination need to be stability, competence, health, maturity, warmth, loving firmness.  The qualities that children need for safety and nurturance.

Irrationat discrimination is on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation even age and family status. We need to look past disability toward what a person's abilities are and ask the question, "can this person care for children?"  In the home study physical, the physician answers this question. There are fine foster and adoptive parents of all religions.  There are individuals of same sex orientation who are loving and committed parents.  Why would we deny children safe homes on the basis of long discredited ideas about sexual orientation?

This is a matter of fairness to both prospective parents and to the children who need them.

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