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9/15/11  2:03 am
Commenter: Josh S.

Support the kids, not the church.

It's time for society to support the kids. If there are healthy, good, loving families available that the only "disqualification" is that they don't fit some religious doctrine than it's time we change things. This isn't about religious freedom being prevented, it's about getting these kids into good, healthy homes regardless of whom the couple may be. This isn't about religion, never was about religion and to make it into one is exact proof that things need to change in these situations.

Being bisexual/gay/lesbian/transgender makes a person no less fit to be a parent then someone that is of any faith based positions. It's about time the state start understand that, it's about time that any discrimination be put to an end and we put these kids into good, healthy homes of everyone that wants them. It's not about freedom of religion, it's not about who's right or wrong. It's about getting those kids stable and if there are couples that are bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, fruit bat, whatever that want them give them that chance, no that right to adopt even if it's from a private project. 

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