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9/14/11  4:49 pm
Commenter: Vincent Marshall

Gay Adoption

With all the children that don't have a loving home and all the willing people that could give that to them, why is this even an issue?  It's 2011 not 1975, studies have proven that being raised by two same-sex parents have no affect on whether that child turns out to be hetro sexual or homosexual.  In fact, studies show that the children raised in these homes are loved and go on to suceed in life and live normal, happy live's.  When are we going to stop labeling people for thier sexual orientation, it doesn't define you and certainly doesn't mean that if you are "gay" that you and your partner, or you "alone" can't raise a child and give that child a loving home and even more so, give that child a chance to have a life.  Wake up people.

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