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9/14/11  3:31 pm
Commenter: Aileen Koke, adoptive parent

All children deserve a loving family

the three children I have adopted are not the children of my womb but they are certainly the children of my heart.  They deserve a loving family.

As an adoptive parent, I believe that the best interest of the child is placement with a loving family.   Period.  Discrimination of prospective adoptive parents based solely on sexual orientation or relationship status does a disservice to all of the waiting children across the state and indeed, across the country.

For those who would restrict or deny foster and adoptive options for gays and lesbians- how many children age out of the system every year, left with no permanency, no healthy adult connections to sustain their transition to adulthood?  How many of these children would willingly be adopted by a same-gendered family?  One size/style fits all does not work- a child needs a family.  Waiting for the "traditional" husband/wife family leaves too many children with no family at all.

One's sexual orientation has no bearing whatsoever on one's ability to love, nurture and parent children. 

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