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9/14/11  10:10 am
Commenter: Stephanie Baxter

Vote to End Discrimination

Absolutely, gay couples should be allowed to adopt.  A good home is a good home and every child needs one. 

I am guessing the fear is that gays will be poor role models and produce more gay children ... Hello, I believe the gay people came from straight parents.  Or they are sexual deviants.  News Flash, I am pretty sure that more children are abused by straight people than gay people.

Let's take Virginia's reputation from backward country, couch on the porch, washing machine in the yard, pick up truck with oversized tires, confederate flag waving, gun toting, yeehaws to the current century.  It doesn't do much good for Virginia to look like a bunch of country hicks that hate everyone and everything.

Kids need homes, let's do what's right for the kids and we will all be better people for it.  Let gay couples adopt.  Let's join the rest of the world in the year 2011.  Stop holding Virginia back in the 1800's.






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