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9/13/11  10:49 pm
Commenter: Shawn Fisher / VAYA (Volunteer Advocacy - You in Action)

Separation of Church and State

Many people use "religion" for reasons to discriminate on civil matters.  Overwhelming evidence (scientific, family studies, etc.) show that LGBT parents are every bit as capable of providing nurturing, caring home environments that allow their children to develop normally -- with no "homosexual" influence over the children's own sexual orientation -- as heterosexual parents.

I was adopted by a heterosexual couple and was extremely abused by them.  My own heterosexual, biological parents horribly abused and neglected me before I left them.  The only normalcy I experienced was between my two aunts -- who were together for 62 years.

Absolutely remove *all* discriminatory language that currently bans adoption by a person based on their sexual orientation.  We strive to teach our children acceptance and respect for all people.  How can we expect our children to treat everyone with equality if we do not lead by example?

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