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9/13/11  9:22 pm
Commenter: Richard Ryder

Summary Perspective from Subject Matter Expert

Bottoms and Wade (Sept,’93) lost custody of their son Tyler because they were lesbian; the judge agreed. Atty. Richard Ryder portrayed them as “a detriment.” My dad was that atty. Rivera’s TV ratings skyrocketed! My brother, cousin and nephew are homosexual. This shows subject matter knowledge that people should have to comment in public forum. Exposing kids to this stinks! Using “Gay Rights” (a marketing term) stinks! For years the homosexual matter has evolved from intolerance to tolerance to acceptance to commonplace. Society is (and has been, since 1946) deteriorating re morals. Their agenda has progressed. The last moral bastion is leaving as this forum is published. The child exposed to such behavior will emulate it! The last chapter in the changing of our collective minds will take place through the re-education of today’s children by their homosexual parents. The family is societal basis. Without it, we will fail. “One-man-one-woman” liaisons (Biblical marriage) will wither. The Western shore towns of the Dead Sea (Sodom and Gomorrah) were a comparative picnic. Christ is pure love. Homosexual behavior is the anti-thesis of love.

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