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9/13/11  6:22 pm
Commenter: Ashley Woods

I am all for gays adoption.

I believe it is completly against our basic human rights to keep someone from adopting a child that is perfectly capable of raising it in a healthy environment. I was in foster care for a year and i know the effcts it has on kids and i, like many others, was sent back to an unsafe home. So my question is "If gays can't adopt or have foster children why should they be allowed to go back to abusive parents?" I mean really, which one is going to do the most damage. Gays aren't asking you to become gay yourslef they are asking you to repsect their lifestyle choice. Our world is constantly evolving and we should try to evolve with it. The people that deny a gay parent a child over somehting so small is just a small minded, ignorant, self absorbed, mindless human being. We should all be willing to give these kids the best lives as possible and it doesn't matter whether or not they are gay it should matter if they qualify as good parents or not. If we are going to discriminate against gays why not discriminate against single mothers who are trying to raise children by themselves because the father will not step up. I say if somebody is willing to give the over-growing population of foster kids a good home we should say yes.


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