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9/13/11  12:16 pm
Commenter: Karen Solon, retired social worker and pre-school teacher

End discrimination, support children

ALL children benefit when their community promotes and supports loving families, regardless of family structure,  and when it protects children who lack a loving family by finding them one.  It is not structure that matters, but rather the ability of the child's caregivers to commit to meeting the needs of the individual child, to love and nurture that child.   Children can thrive in any kind of family in which their need for love, nurturing, and support are met.  And ALL children and adults would do well to learn that sexual orientation (INCLUDING THEIR OWN - gay or straight) does not determine whether someone is or can be the loving parent that every child deserves.   Agencies entrusted to determine the best needs of any particular child  must be free to make a determination about matching a child to a possible parent, based on many factors. But sexual orientation ought not to be one of them!  It is irrelevant.

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