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9/13/11  10:17 am
Commenter: Amy Marshall

Love Makes a Family

The APA does not recognize homosexuality as a mental or emotional illness. Studies have shown that children of lesbian moms are actually more successful and well-adjusted than other kids. Nontraditional families of all shapes and sizes have raised happy, healthy children forever. Just because a person is heterosexual or single does not mean he or she is a better parent, or less likely to be abusive, neglectful, or to produce a gay child. The evidence abounds that it's love and attention and healthy parenting that helps children flourish, not the religion, sexual orientation, or marital status of the parent. The only reason discrimination against nontraditional families remains intact is due to non-factual bias and fear. So many children need a family. Please change this policy so they can have the love they need.

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