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9/13/11  7:50 am
Commenter: Carl Genthner

Anti-discrimination protection in adoptions

As an adopted child I know the value of a loving and caring family. I also know that whether one is a good parent or a bad parent has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It is time to give up 19th century ideas about who can and should be able to adopt a child and move into the 21st century. If some religious based organizations refuse to place children because of parental orientation then we can fin dother organizations to take their place. Luthern and Jewish organizations typically have no such prohibitions and I am sure would be willing, with some support, to expand their activities in Virginia.

To deny children a home and family because of prejudice is simply wrong and does a disservice to the child in need of a family. It was not so loong ago that interracial adoption was not allowed, now it's routine. Why should Virginian's have to go to foreign countries to adopt children when their is a waiting list here in Virginia.

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