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9/12/11  10:33 pm
Commenter: Holly Dawn Hewlett

Adoptions in Virginia

I am writing in support of removing all discrimination from the adoption laws in Va. First as a child from a "straight" marriage, I suffered hardship, pain and abuse that I didn't need to-WITH HETEROSEXUAL PARENTS! Second, I have been helping to raise and counsel kids since I was 17, precisely because of the bigotry and ignorance that so many parents were raised with themselves. It is the state's responsibility to treat EVERYONE fairly and equally. There have been numerous studies done in the last 10-15 years that have proven over and over that children of gay parents are just as well adjusted, as intelligent, and go on to become fine adults as children of heterosexual parents. Actually, one study showed that our children are more compassionate and openminded that the children of straight parents. There is no need to continue the bigotry, hatred, and ignorance of the last 200 years in this country...which has been repeated EVERY time someone other than white straight people want to be part of the American Dream. Just as Vermont, Iowa, and NY, Virginia has an atrociously overburdened and practically bankrupt adoptive and foster system. How stupid is it that you would CHOOSE  to keep children from caring, financially stable, and WILLING parents??? Stop the idiocy and change the law so those kids can have good homes and loving parents.

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