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9/12/11  7:29 pm
Commenter: Ellen Shelton

Cruel Decisions

Can children needing adoption really have to wait because people who discriminate against individuals who are LGBT or Q.  Science says that people are either heterosexual or homosexual.  They do not choose a lifestyle they simply find that they are whatever lifestyle they are. So why should they be discriminated against? 

There have been studies that compare children raised by heterosexuals to children raised by homosexuals and the children raised by homosexuals came out as more well adjusted than children raised by heterosexuals.

The people who object to letting LGBT's or Q's simply chant they are right over and over and refuse to look at the evidence.  Why should such willfully ignorant people be allowed to have a voice in the extremely (important to an orphan child) decision as to whether the child will be allowed to have people who are qualifeid but happen to be LGBTorQ.

People who would deny a child a qualified parent simply because they refuse to look at the problem rationally are cruel and thoughtless beyond belief.

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