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Amendment to address delays in responding to the Board
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18VAC5-22-170. Communication between with the board and licensees.

A. When requested by the board:

1. Persons or firms applying for the issuance, renewal, or reinstatement of a Virginia license or for lifting the suspension of the privilege of using the CPA title in Virginia or providing attest services or compilation services for persons or entities located in Virginia shall provide the board with support for their conclusion that they have complied with applicable provisions of Chapter 44 (§ 54.1-4400 et seq.) of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia and this chapter.

2. Firms shall provide the board with proof of enrollment in a monitoring program and copies of reports and other documentation related to acceptance of their peer reviews.

3. Persons or firms shall provide the board documents related to the board's investigation of their possible violation of provisions of Chapter 44 (§ 54.1-4400 et seq.) of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia or this chapter.

Each person or firm Pursuant to § 54.1-4425 of the Code of Virginia, each licensee or applicant shall respond within 30 calendar days to any board request for information by the board under this subsection regarding compliance with any statutes or regulations pertaining to the board or any of the programs that may be in another title of the Code of Virginia for which the board has regulatory responsibility. When the requested response is not produced by the licensee or applicant within 30 calendar days, this nonproduction shall be deemed a violation of this rule, unless otherwise determined by the board.

B. Each holder of a Virginia license shall notify the board in writing within 30 calendar days of any change in the holder's name or in the postal and electronic addresses where the person or firm may be reached.

C. The board shall transmit license renewal notices electronically unless a person or firm is unable to communicate electronically. However, § 54.1-4413.2 of the Code of Virginia places the The responsibility for renewing a Virginia license is on its holder, and that responsibility is not affected by whether the holder receives a license renewal notice.