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Department of Education
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Rules Governing General Educational Development Certificates [8 VAC 20 ‑ 360]
135 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
7521 Guidelines for Recycling Materials in Public Schools 3/2/2023 
7633 Guidelines for Local Alternative Assessments: 2023-2024 and Beyond 11/9/2023 
7657 Programmatic Accreditation Guidelines for Career and Technical Education 2/15/2024 
7658 Executive Order #28 Guidance 2/15/2024 
7700 Guidelines for Instruction on Problem Gambling and the Addictive Potential Thereof 3/14/2024 
Adult Education Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP) Program Guidelines 9/27/2012 
Adult Education High School Equivalency (HSE) Examination Guidelines 9/22/2016 
Assessment English Learners: Guidelines for Participation in the Virginia Assessment Program 8/22/2018 
Assessment Protocol for State-Directed Investigations of Testing Irregularities 4/30/2008 
Assessment Guidelines for Instruction-Based Assessments 12/31/2004 
Assessment Guidelines for the Use of Local Performance Assessments to Verify Credits in Writing 9/20/2018 
COVID-19 Emergency Career and Technical Education Work-Based Learning Guidelines for Internship and Cooperative Education Experiences 7/9/2020 
COVID19 Emergency Guidance on Graduation Requirements, Awarding of Credits and Continuity of Learning Due to COVID-19 5/28/2020 
COVID19 Emergency Guidelines for Local Alternatives to Awarding Standard Units of Credit 5/28/2020 
COVID19 Emergency Guidelines for Locally-Awarded Verified Credits 4/1/2021 
COVID19 Joint Guidance for Student Placements Reimbursed by the Children’s Services Act 5/28/2020 
COVID19 Emergency Guidelines for the Use of Local Performance Assessments to Verify Credits in Writing for the 2020-2021 School Year 2/4/2021 
Early Childhood Virginia's Definition of School Readiness 4/30/2008 
Early Childhood Virginia Preschool Initiative Virtual Instruction Guidance for 2021-2022 6/24/2021 
Early Childhood Guidelines for Practice Year 2 of the Early Childhood Unified Measurement and Improvement System 10/12/2023  Changes Being Made
Early Childhood Child Care Subsidy Program Guidance Manual 8/3/2023 
Employment & License Virginia License Renewal Manual 2/17/2022 
Employment & License Guidelines for Prescribed Professional Teacher’s Examinations 3/3/2022 
Employment & License Policy Statement for Implementing in Virginia Approved Programs the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment 11/30/2005 
Employment & License Virginia Standards for the Professional Practice of Teachers 4/28/2011 
Employment & License Guidelines Pertaining to the Employment of Substitute Teachers 3/24/2011 
Employment & License Procedural Guidelines for Conducting Licensure Hearings 2/4/2021 
Employment & License Guidelines for Alternate Routes to Licensure 12/22/2022 
Employment & License Guidelines for Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Teachers 7/1/2021 
Employment & License Board of Education Guidance on Cultural Competency Training for Teachers and Other Licensed School Board Employees in Virginia Public Schools 1/5/2022 
Employment & License Guidelines for Mentor Teacher Programs for Beginning and Experienced Teachers 2/3/2022 
Employment & License Guidelines for Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Superintendents 5/12/2022 
Employment & License Guidelines for Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Principals 5/12/2022 
Facilities Guidelines for the Operation of Electronic Room Partitions 3/5/2020 
Flag/Moment of Silen Guidelines on the Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, Including Guidelines for Appropriate Etiquette and Conventions for Respecting the Dignity of the Flag 7/26/2001 
Flag/Moment of Silen Guidelines on the Minute of Silence Requirements 6/13/2000 
Flag/Moment of Silen Guidelines Concerning Religious Activity in Public Schools 12/30/1995 
Instruction Objectives for Personal Living and Finance 12/30/2006 
Instruction Criteria for Character Education 7/26/2012 
Instruction Homebound Instructional Services Guidelines 2/1/2012 
Instruction Guidelines for Alternatives to Animal Dissection 7/30/2004 
Instruction Virginia’s Textbook Review Process 3/24/2011 
Instruction List of Board of Education Regulations Identified as Waivable for Charter School Purposes 6/30/1999 
Instruction Physical Education and Physical Activity Program Guidelines For Public Elementary and Middle Schools 6/28/2018 
Instruction Board of Education Approved Industry Certifications, Occupational Competency Assessments, and Professional Licenses 7/18/2024 
Instruction High School to Work Partnerships Guidelines and Model Liability Waiver 6/26/2014 
Instruction Guidelines for the Use of Computer Science Courses to Satisfy Graduation Requirements 10/13/2022 
Instruction Guidelines for Using Supplementary Written Materials to Teach the Documents of Virginia History and the United States Constitution 1/22/2015 
Instruction Guidelines for Issuing a Virginia Seal of Biliteracy 6/25/2015 
Instruction Board of Education-approved Criteria for Awarding the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Diploma Seal 10/18/2018 
Instruction Career and Technical Education Work-Based Learning Guide 9/28/2023  Changes Being Made
Instruction Definition of Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education 5/27/2021 
Instruction Digital Devices in the Classroom - Health and Safety Guidelines 6/25/2021 
Instruction Guidance for Unscheduled Remote Learning Days 9/2/2021 
Instruction Curriculum Guidelines for Instruction on the Safe Use of and Risks of Abuse of Prescription Drugs 8/19/2021 
Instruction Model Policies Concerning Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content 8/4/2022 
Instruction Board of Education Approved Courses to Satisfy Graduation Requirements for the Standard, Advanced Studies, and Modified Standard Diplomas in Virginia Public Schools 9/14/2023 
School Calendar Guidelines for Considering and Approving Requests for Year-Round Instructional Program Waivers Pursuant to 22.1-79.1 9/19/2019 
School Facilities Model Guidelines for the Wearing of Uniforms In Public Schools 7/1/1996 
School Facilities Guidelines for School Facilities In Virginia’s Public Schools 4/1/2021 
School Facilities Guidelines for a Water Management Program to Prevent Legionella Pneumophila Growth in Public School Buildings 6/24/2021 
School Safety Model Guidance for Positive and Preventive Code of Student Conduct Policy and Alternatives to Suspension 9/16/2021 
School Safety Virginia School Search Resource Guide, Including Student Search Guidelines 10/1/2000 
School Safety Guidelines for Management of the Student’s Scholastic Record 5/1/2004 
School Safety Model Guidelines for School Attendance for Children with Human Immunodeficiency Virus 12/30/1990 
School Safety Model School Crisis and Emergency Management Plan 11/30/2007 
School Safety Persistently Dangerous Schools and Unsafe School Choice Option 4/30/2003 
School Safety Diabetes Management in Schools: Manual for Unlicensed Personnel 11/25/2021 
School Safety Guidelines for Student Drug-Testing in the Public Schools 6/30/2004 
School Safety Guidelines for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse in Virginia Public Schools 3/24/2011 
School Safety Guidelines for Policies on Concussions in Students 5/13/2021 
School Safety Persistently Dangerous Schools Identification Process & Criteria 4/29/2003 
School Safety Model Policy to Address Bullying in Virginia’s Schools 10/24/2013 
School Safety Guidelines for School Division Policy Regarding Service Dogs in Virginia's Public Schools 12/31/2011 
School Safety The Manual for the Training of Public School Employees in the Administration of Medication 6/1/2012 
School Safety Approved Training Programs for the Treatment of Students with a Seizure Disorder 12/23/2021 
School Safety Guidelines for Use of Designated Stock Albuterol in Schools 2/3/2022 
School Safety Guidelines for Policies on Heat-Related Illness Prevention 9/29/2022 
School Safety Guidelines for Policies on Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention in Student Athletes 11/10/2022 
SOA Process by which Locally Prescribed Graduation Requirements that Exceed the Requirements in 8 VAC 20-131-50 of the Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia May Be Amended or Discontinued 11/17/2011 
SOA Interpretation of Regulations for Certain Transfer Students 12/20/2002 
SOA Substitute Tests Approved for Awarding Verified Credit 7/27/2017 
SOA Guidance Document Governing Certain Provisions of the Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia 11/25/2021 
Special Education Discipline of Students with Disabilities 12/30/2010 
Special Education Your Family's Special Education Rights – Virginia Procedural Safeguards Notice 9/30/2013 
Special Education Required Modifications to Local Procedures and Policies (Special Education) 11/30/2009 
Special Education Alternative Special Education Staffing Plan Procedures 12/11/2015 
Special Education Procedures for Receiving and Resolving Complaints which Allege Violation of Federal and State Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Children with Disabilities 2/25/2000 
Special Education Training Standards for Paraprofessionals Assigned to Work with a Teacher Who Has Primary Oversight of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder 1/10/2013 
Special Education Standard Diploma Credit Accommodations for Students with Disabilities 9/20/2018 
Special Education Guidelines for Educating Students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) 2/28/2017 
Special Education Parent's Guide to Special Education 12/31/2010 
Special Education Parents’ Guide to Special Education Dispute Resolution 12/31/2008 
Special Education Guidance on Prior Written Notice in the Special Education Process 5/31/2013 
Special Education Guidance for Military Families with Students in Special Education 8/31/2014 
Special Education Guidance Document on Manifestation Determination New Requirements 11/30/2006 
Special Education Extended School Year Services 12/31/2007 
Special Education Guidance Document on the Implementation of the Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in Virginia 8/31/2009 
Special Education Guidance Document for Implementing New Special Education Requirements for the Definition of Parent 5/31/2009 
Special Education Guidelines For School Division Transfer of Assistive Technology Devices 9/6/2013 
Special Education Functional Behavioral Assessment, Behavior Intervention Plans and Positive Intervention and Supports 12/31/2015 
Special Education Guidelines For Working With Students Who Are Blind Or Visually Impaired In Virginia Public Schools 12/15/2017 
Special Education Guidelines For Working With Students Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing In Virginia Public Schools 2/20/2020 
Special Education Speech-Language Pathology Services in the Schools: Guidelines for Best Practice 12/31/2018 
Special Education Guidance on Evaluation and Eligibility for the Special Education and Related Services 1/31/2018 
Special Education Guidance Document for Standards-based IEPs 3/31/2016 
Special Education Special Education in Local and Regional Jails: Guidelines for Best Practice 3/3/2022 
Special Education Guidance for the Development of Postsecondary Goals 3/3/2022 
Special Education Transfer of Rights For Students with Disabilities Upon Reaching The Age of Majority In Virginia 9/2/2021 
Special Education Handbook for Occupational & Physical Therapy Services in the Public Schools of Virginia 12/31/2010 
Special Education Handbook for Educators of Students Who Are English Language Learners with Suspected Disabilities 2/6/2020 
Special Education Guidelines for Educating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders 10/31/2010 
Special Education Models of Best Practice in the Education of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders 5/31/2011 
Special Education VAAP Participation Criteria and the Determination of Significant Cognitive Disabilities 2/20/2020 
Special Education Virginia Early Childhood Inclusion Guidance Document 2/16/2018 
Special Education Guidelines for the Provision of Behavior Analysis in Public Schools 2/18/2021 
Special Education VDOE Supplemental Guidance for Evaluation and Eligibility in Special Education and Sample Eligibility Forms and Disability Worksheets 9/16/2021 
Special Education Guidelines for the Consideration of the Need for Age and Developmentally Appropriate Instruction 5/27/2021 
Standards of Quality Guidance Regarding Maximum Class Size and Student-Teacher Ratios in the Standards of Quality 1/16/2014 
Student Services Suicide Prevention Guidelines 9/3/2020 
Student Services Policy Regarding Medication Recommendation by School Personnel 8/16/2002 
Student Services Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Intervention Training Curriculum Guidelines 5/13/2021 
Student Services Eating Disorders Awareness in the Public School Setting 8/6/2020 
Student Services Guidelines for Training on the Prevention of Trafficking of Children 6/28/2018 
Student Services Guidelines for the Prevention of Suspension and Expulsion of Young Children: Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings 12/6/2018 
Student Services Virginia Community School Framework 1/23/2020 
Student Services Guidance and Model Policy for the Notification of Protective Orders in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools 12/24/2020 
Student Services Model Policies on Ensuring Privacy, Dignity, and Respect for All Students and Parents in Virginia's Public Schools 7/19/2023 
Student Services Virginia Social Emotional Learning Standards 6/26/2021 
Student Services Guidance for the Provision of Specialized Student Support Positions in Virginia Public Schools 7/8/2021 
Tax Credits Guidelines for the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credits Program 6/13/2019 
Tax Credits Guidelines for the Neighborhood Assistance Act Tax Credit Program for Education 6/10/2021 
Technology Acceptable Use Policy: A Handbook 1/1/2001 
Technology Guidelines for the Donation of Obsolete Educational Technology Hardware and Software by Schools Boards to Students 10/20/2000 
Transportation Virginia School Bus Specifications 5/30/2019 

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.