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Changes to continuing education
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CLOSED     Opened on 11/30/2015 and Ended on 12/30/2015

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Comment Title Commenter
Changes in Continuing Education for Optometrists Jeffrey W Robertson OD LLC  11/30/15  8:40 pm
Opposition to change in continuing education requirement Rob Sawyer OD  11/30/15  10:04 pm
Oppose requirement for live CE Blake Mitnick, OD  11/30/15  10:33 pm
Re Optometric CE James W. Mattern  11/30/15  11:26 pm
Opposing changes Charles W Tyhurst OD  11/30/15  11:59 pm
mixed review Lauren Parker, OD  12/1/15  7:19 am
CE is CE regardless of how it's obtained Thomas P. Finley, O.D.  12/1/15  8:22 am
Board of Optometry proposed regulation change Kevin Green, OD  12/1/15  10:09 am
Oppose Christopher Covert OD  12/1/15  10:41 am
Suggested changes to Proposition Blake Schermer, O.D.  12/1/15  10:57 am
Opposition Nadine Krikorian, OD  12/1/15  4:11 pm
Mixed Review DAVID B. GORSKI, O.D., M.S.  12/1/15  6:40 pm
Mixed Review James Colgain, OD USAF  12/1/15  7:47 pm
one disagreement Susan Mueller, O.D.  12/1/15  8:55 pm
LIKE carry over of 50% hours Mohammad Ashfaq  12/1/15  9:19 pm
oppose mandatory live CE Janet Rogers, O.D.  12/1/15  9:42 pm
Oppose live CE Lee Robertson  12/2/15  11:43 am
Proposed changes are valid Christine W. Cook, O.D., F.A.A.O.  12/3/15  10:13 am
CE in-person requirement Andrew Miller, O.D.  12/3/15  6:08 pm
Opposed to item "2" Jeetandra M. Athelli, O.D.  12/7/15  6:46 pm
Do not support regulation Gary Best OD  12/8/15  2:36 pm
Oppose live CE requirement Susan D. Levin, O.D.  12/9/15  10:49 am
Oppose Pia Trang, OD  12/9/15  6:27 pm
Opposed to Amendments Charles Gamboa, OD  12/10/15  12:54 pm
Oppose Live CE Amy Berg, OD  12/10/15  2:52 pm
Opposed to Item 2 Stefan Young, OD  12/15/15  6:29 pm
Support of CE Regulation Walter Whitley, OD  12/23/15  2:33 pm
Much Needed Improvements to our State CE Requirements Gerald Neidigh, OD  12/27/15  10:30 am
Un-needed Over Regulation Douglas M. Christman OD  12/28/15  7:32 pm
Live CE Requirement Norman Kahn, OD  12/30/15  8:46 am

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