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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Petition to allow residents in counseling to use the title Licensed Professional Counselor - Resident

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CLOSED     Opened on 7/18/2022 and Ended on 8/17/2022

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Comment Title Commenter
Post Test Elizabeth Engelhorn  7/18/22  4:21 pm
Petition for LPC-R Ruth Ann Ott  7/18/22  5:28 pm
Comment Against Petition Prof. Michael Moates, MA, LP, LCMHC, LBA  7/18/22  9:46 pm
Potential for Public Confusion Charlotte Markva, LPC, LMFT, CSAC, NCC  7/19/22  8:50 am
Against this unnecessary petition Cinda Caiella, LMFT  7/19/22  9:21 am
Purpose needs clarification Cynthia Miller, Ph.D., LPC  7/19/22  10:09 am
Against the change Joan Normandy-Dolberg, MA, MEd, LPC, Director, Family Counseling Springfiel  7/19/22  11:12 am
Against the petition Heather Honaker, LPC  7/20/22  9:47 pm
Strongly Against Holly Tracy LPC, LMFT, ACS, CTTS, RPT-S, CT, NCC  7/21/22  9:53 am
For the Title Change Anonymous (122853)  7/21/22  3:41 pm
LPC-R Anonymous (122872)  7/22/22  4:15 pm
Concerns Prof. Michael Moates, MA, LP, LCMHC, LBA, LMHP  7/22/22  6:43 pm
For the Change Anonymous (122874)  7/22/22  11:01 pm
Wrong Answer for a Needed Change William  7/23/22  7:46 pm
In Favor Meredith Adams, MS, NCC  7/24/22  2:52 pm
Strongly in Favor Anonymous (122905)  7/24/22  7:44 pm
Strongly Against J. A. Elliott, LPC  7/24/22  9:28 pm
Petition to allow residents in counseling to use the title "LPC - Resident" Fran Schaller LPC, CSAC  7/26/22  11:09 am
Strongly Against Arlene Malone  7/29/22  1:41 pm
Must be licensed K  8/6/22  2:05 pm
In favor ASHA GRAY LPC  8/11/22  7:52 am
Response to ASHA GRAY LPC Anonymous (127191)  8/11/22  10:01 am
Original Petition Ethan Kaste, Resident in Counseling  8/16/22  5:27 pm

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