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General Notice: See revised proposal and extended comment period starting March 7, 2023 - Notice of Public Comment- order and local variance for data centers located in the Counties of Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William

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Comment Title Commenter
The Public Must be notified and Monitoring must be included Elizabeth Ward  2/6/23  10:31 am
NO diesel generators NO more data centers RACHEL ELLIS  2/23/23  9:32 am
DO NOT GRANT EMISSION WAIVERS TO DATA CENTERS DURING CRITICAL ENERGY DEMAND Dr Steve T Pleickhardt, Amberleigh Station HOA Bristow Virginia  2/23/23  10:16 am
In Support of Order and Local Variance for the Operation of Emergency Generators by Data Centers Virginia Chamber of Commerce  2/23/23  3:46 pm
No more data centers/No to the use of generators Daniel Gossin  2/24/23  6:21 am
Opposed to Massive Data Centers Anonymous (209021)  2/24/23  6:25 am
Health Impact Roger Yackel  2/24/23  8:48 am
no more Data Centers until energy and water issues are resolved Cheeryl Saggers  2/24/23  10:15 am
No Variance for Diesel Generators Mary and Len Winsky  2/24/23  12:17 pm
variance/diesel Jim and Pat Kennedy  2/24/23  12:50 pm
Noise/air oversight, public notification needed. Variance needs to be dropped. Cynthia Shang  2/24/23  12:53 pm
Do not Allow unlimited Polution from Data CEnter Diesel Generators John Lyver, Ph.D.  2/24/23  1:46 pm
Do not grant a waiver for Data Centers to use diesel generators during brown outs. Fred Spurlock  2/24/23  3:14 pm
Diesel generators Maureen Clark  2/24/23  5:06 pm
NO!!! Typical bureaucratic response to potential problem: Create several more problems. Gary A Campbell  2/24/23  6:13 pm
No variance for data centers Lois Ann Montgomery (Education Chair Prince William Wildflower Society)  2/25/23  4:20 am
Proposed Variance to Allow Data Centers to Operate on Diesel Generators Bill Wright  2/25/23  6:59 am
VA DEQ Variance Lorraine Schooner  2/25/23  9:11 am
Stop creating more problems for our community and our environment Camille Blankenship  2/25/23  10:46 am
No Diesel generators OR data centers in my background Sonya M  2/25/23  1:46 pm
PLEASE do not approve this proposal - PROTECT uor citizens Elspeth McCormick  2/25/23  1:55 pm
Data Center variances and proliferation T Petrine  2/25/23  1:56 pm
Issues to Resolve Prior to Considering Local Air Quality Variances David Peterson  2/25/23  2:23 pm
Data centers Doreen Maher  2/25/23  2:54 pm
Enough Of This! John Toepfer  2/25/23  2:54 pm
NO TO DIESAL GENERATORS AND DATA CENTERS Anonymous (209047)  2/25/23  4:42 pm
Data Center air pollution James Hart  2/25/23  5:26 pm
The Effects of Data Centers on Health & Resources Donna Jacobson  2/25/23  5:58 pm
EU STAGE V Emissions Standards/Diesel Particular Filters (DPFs) Are Crucial Due to Gas Volume Keith Edward Snyder  2/25/23  7:07 pm
NO. This is not the solution to poor planning by data center developers and county governments. Jeff Flading  2/25/23  7:25 pm
Diesel generators pollute the air, make a terrible noise, and are dangerous to our health. Amy Hambleton  2/25/23  9:43 pm
Opposition to Proposed DEQ variance Kay and Ben Cooper  2/26/23  7:34 am
VOTE NO on lifting restrictions on backup diesel generators for data centers Anonymous (209055)  2/26/23  7:47 am
No variance on data centers! Anonymous (209056)  2/26/23  7:52 am
We don’t want data centers near homes. We don’t want them running diesels. Mustafa Kaya  2/26/23  10:16 am
DEQ Variance Patricia Leone  2/26/23  10:18 am
Additive Impact of Multiple Clusters of Mega Data Center Campuses Ally Stoeger  2/26/23  10:33 am
DEQ variance illegal, unhealthy and unethical Alysha Gawhary  2/26/23  10:42 am
Say no to lifting restrictions on diesel generators for data centers Madge Gill  2/26/23  10:43 am
No to lifting restrictions Doreen Mizrahi  2/26/23  11:19 am
Protect Virginians' not the Data Center Industry or Dominion Energy Elena Schlossberg, Coalition to Protect PWC  2/26/23  11:36 am
Will Data Centers financially benefit from turning on their dirty diesel generators? Elena Schlossberg, Coalition to Protect PWC  2/26/23  11:39 am
No to the special approval Monica Plaza  2/26/23  11:43 am
NO TO DATA CENTERS, NO TO DIESEL Tiffany Johnson  2/26/23  11:54 am
Keep our community healthy! Lauren Anderson  2/26/23  12:07 pm
Say NO to diesel generators and NO to data centers in residential areas. Danielle Bencivenga  2/26/23  12:20 pm
Please vote no to diesel generators during brown outs Anonymous (209069)  2/26/23  12:22 pm
NO TO THE VARIANCE Carlos Seda  2/26/23  12:33 pm
No to data center and use of diesel during brownouts Lovisa Taylor  2/26/23  12:47 pm
No to additional data center and no way to diesel generators. Complete insanity Beverly Hicks  2/26/23  12:57 pm
Creating More Damage is not Mitigation Andra Morton  2/26/23  1:06 pm
No variance for diesel generators and no more data centers Kelly Tuttle  2/26/23  1:21 pm
No to diesel generators    2/26/23  1:35 pm
NO to the DEQ Variance Bridget Bell  2/26/23  1:52 pm
A big fat NO to the Data Center variance Anonymous (209077)  2/26/23  2:29 pm
PLEASE VOTE NO TO DIESEL GENERATORS Taysha King  2/26/23  2:36 pm
Say no to diesel and data centers Jennifer rooney  2/26/23  2:57 pm
Yes to this Variance Sally Chandler  2/26/23  3:29 pm
DEQ Margie Kinder  2/26/23  3:33 pm
Temporary Variance Martha Snyder  2/26/23  3:55 pm
Yes to the Variance James Marshal  2/26/23  4:11 pm
temporary variance on the use of data center backup generators Laurie Snyder  2/26/23  4:28 pm
No to the variance Anonymous (209086)  2/26/23  5:30 pm
Yes to the Variance Shelly Hildegrand  2/26/23  5:51 pm
Please vote No to Data Center Variance Maria Reed  2/26/23  5:54 pm
Vote NO to lifting restrictions on diesel powered generator use for Data Centers Barbara Kenefake  2/26/23  6:01 pm
NO to Variance for Diesel Generators K Kennedy  2/26/23  6:21 pm
I'm For using generators. Anonymous (209095)  2/26/23  6:35 pm
2023 DEQ Generator variance approval Kenny Bland  2/26/23  7:17 pm
No to DTP and diesel generators Ronni Cepillo  2/26/23  8:17 pm
Please preserve our green space and peace Sheryll Jones  2/26/23  8:39 pm
NO order & local variance for data centers Laura Mahoney  2/26/23  9:00 pm
NO to Variance Tim McCormick  2/26/23  9:04 pm
Back up power generation is critical JP Raflo  2/26/23  9:06 pm
Do Not Allow Data Centers to Use Dirty Fuel to Power Them Alexandra Lobo  2/26/23  9:15 pm
NO to variance for diesel operation of data centers Sharon C Hoffman  2/26/23  10:06 pm
No to Variance for Diesel Generators Mirtha Mattson  2/26/23  10:43 pm
Do the right thing Kris Shacklette  2/26/23  10:55 pm
Crooked officials Anonymous (209112)  2/26/23  11:14 pm
yes to variance Randy Fortune  2/26/23  11:34 pm
data center variance for generators P. Snyder  2/27/23  12:35 am
NO to any Waivers. YES to a NoVA Moratorium on Data Center Approval & Construction. J. Arslan  2/27/23  1:25 am
Data Centers V. Tischner  2/27/23  1:41 am
Yes to Data Center Variance Barbara Strittmatter  2/27/23  3:19 am
Yes to Variance maryann ghadban  2/27/23  5:37 am
Yes to variance thomas ackerly  2/27/23  5:37 am
yes to variance thomas underwood  2/27/23  5:38 am
support the variance sara ramey  2/27/23  5:40 am
yes to varriance phillip harrover  2/27/23  5:41 am
No to variance for diesel generators Chris Grove  2/27/23  6:18 am
Do not allow a variance for diesel generators to operate continuously Jessica B  2/27/23  6:28 am
No to the diesel generator variance Martin Langan  2/27/23  6:43 am
NO the DEQ Variance terri glotfelty  2/27/23  7:04 am
DO NOT GRANT EMISSION WAIVERS William Bosch  2/27/23  7:11 am
Do NOT give a Variance for Data Centers to run diesel generators non stop till 2025! Michael C. Turley  2/27/23  7:13 am
Diesel generator Anonymous (209136)  2/27/23  7:26 am
Yes to variance Nicki Bland  2/27/23  7:29 am
No data centers in residental areas! No diesel in residental areas! N.L.  2/27/23  7:34 am
VOTE NO Owen McCormick  2/27/23  8:05 am
PROECT OUR AIR Cora McCormick  2/27/23  8:07 am
Generators Lawrence W Brown  2/27/23  8:17 am
YES to Variance Mary Lawson  2/27/23  8:20 am
NO Data Centers in Residential Areas!! Sheri Sweeney  2/27/23  8:50 am
No to the variance Anonymous (209145)  2/27/23  8:53 am
Protect my health Lucas Sweeney  2/27/23  8:58 am
NO TO THE VARIANCE Charlotte Baker (Wilson)  2/27/23  9:04 am
Data centers GREGORY.HERRITY  2/27/23  9:13 am
Why not natural gas generators? Anonymous (209149)  2/27/23  9:17 am
Virginia always builds blindly then fills in infrastructure later after things are a disaster! Anonymous (209151)  2/27/23  9:37 am
Please consider denying the requested Variance Jesse Beck  2/27/23  10:08 am
Vote no on the data center. Gary  2/27/23  10:29 am
Head in the Clouds D Smith  2/27/23  10:33 am
HOA Roundtable of Northern Virginia Opposes DEQ Waiver Kathryn Kulick, HOA Roundtable of Northern Virginia  2/27/23  10:39 am
Opposed to more data centers and variance B.R. Godwin  2/27/23  10:40 am
Not in support of diesel! Ashlyn Lambert  2/27/23  10:42 am
NO extra emissions - DO not support A Lambert  2/27/23  10:44 am
Brown outs for residents to run data centers NO NO NO Thomas Snyder  2/27/23  11:03 am
No to variance for diesel generators Molly Lynch  2/27/23  11:18 am
Deny Special Permit Erica Weaver, household of 6  2/27/23  11:18 am
No diesel generator Rapeeporn Sakmanarit  2/27/23  12:02 pm
No to DEQ variance to use generators by data centers Agnieszka Howe  2/27/23  12:46 pm
PROTECT OUR RURAL CRESCENT!!! NO TO CONCRETE NEIGHBORS! Anonymous (209178)  2/27/23  1:24 pm
NO to massive Data Centers!! Anonymous (209181)  2/27/23  1:39 pm
NO Data Centers, and no to, granting emissions waivers Pamela Felt  2/27/23  1:43 pm
NO to data centers Merianne  2/27/23  2:02 pm
NO to more destructive data centers! Jim Mitchell  2/27/23  2:16 pm
Deny Donna M Mears  2/27/23  3:20 pm
Yes to this Variance James M. Chandler  2/27/23  5:00 pm
No Margaret Grace  2/27/23  5:00 pm
NO to proposed variance for diesel generators Libby Taff  2/27/23  5:56 pm
Please don't relax air pollution standards Amy Gould  2/27/23  6:15 pm
Say NO to Data Centers and their Polluting Generators Anonymous (209196)  2/27/23  6:22 pm
No to variance Lu Ann Maciulla McNabb  2/27/23  6:32 pm
Data Center Coalition Comments Supporting DEQ Order and Local Variance for Data Centers Data Center Coalition  2/27/23  6:59 pm
No to data center pollutions and noises Carmen  2/27/23  7:19 pm
NO to all waivers! YES to a northern Virginia moratorium on Data Center approval and construction!! Samuel Bevard  2/27/23  7:57 pm
No T.Fields  2/27/23  8:19 pm
Against Anonymous (209203)  2/27/23  8:44 pm
No to Data Centers and Emissions Brittany  2/27/23  9:17 pm
Dumb & Dummer (Hitting Us During Covid) to Bad & Worse (Now the Roar of Diesels...Too Much) Z Amberleigh Station Family  2/28/23  12:43 am
Vote No. protect our children and our air quailty Samantha Fulda  2/28/23  6:19 am
Halt all data center activity -Smart growth not greed growth Anonymous (209213)  2/28/23  7:00 am
Data Center Back up Power Pollution Wanda Sabin  2/28/23  7:36 am
Deny this variance Chris Ambrose  2/28/23  7:49 am
NO TO DATA CENTERS! Anonymous (209217)  2/28/23  8:02 am
Backup Generator Waiver Roger Yackel; HOA Roundtable of Northern Virginia  2/28/23  8:09 am
Unhealthy for people & the environment Margo  2/28/23  8:24 am
It’s almost like we knew this would happen?? Jessica Newton  2/28/23  9:00 am
We don't need this! Plenty of other sites available Anonymous (209222)  2/28/23  10:30 am
Please No Anonymous (209223)  2/28/23  10:34 am
The latest round of destruction... Carol Waller  2/28/23  10:37 am
NO!!! Shelley Tibbs  2/28/23  11:45 am
Emissions harm - use other technology than diesel Alleyn S Harned  2/28/23  11:51 am
Loudoun Chamber Comment on Variance for Data Centers Tony Howard, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce  2/28/23  12:10 pm
objection to the variance for data centers Constance Hartke  2/28/23  12:42 pm
No to placement of Data Centers next to residential area ( Heritage Hunt) in Prince William county, Dave Naeger  2/28/23  1:57 pm
No to this Variance Adam Dean  2/28/23  2:48 pm
No to the variance Anonymous (209231)  2/28/23  3:15 pm
Loudoun Chamber Comment on Variance for Data Centers  - Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William Counties Prince William Chamber of Commerce  2/28/23  3:18 pm
Please! NO emergency generators! Anonymous (209233)  2/28/23  4:59 pm
Diesel Generator usage Laura Keith-Macario, resident  2/28/23  7:05 pm
Say no to living next to a Daytona 500 of dump trucks! Anonymous (209241)  2/28/23  8:52 pm
Data Centers Taania Hendrix  2/28/23  9:12 pm
I Don't Want to Live in an Industrial Park Laurie Carrigan  2/28/23  9:29 pm
No more data centers Jeff Lundberg  3/1/23  9:51 am
No to Variance Janet Naeger  3/1/23  10:44 am
NO! We want to be able to get up tomorrow worry free and breathe clean air. Travis J Alvarado a concern citizen and Humanists  3/1/23  12:03 pm
N O N O N O! ! Have you forgotten your mission statement? Douglas Collins  3/1/23  1:17 pm
Pollution Variance for Diesel Generators Audrey Mascarenhas  3/1/23  1:23 pm
pollution John Dunkle  3/1/23  1:30 pm
No to variance for diesel as power Michael P  3/1/23  1:35 pm
No Diesel pollution allowances for VA Data Centers; they should build Solar Farms Emile Boyle  3/1/23  1:59 pm
Data Centers Joy McManus  3/1/23  2:42 pm
No to Variance for Data Centers Sarah Barber  3/1/23  3:36 pm
NO VARIANCE Ben Barrett, Marsteller Middle School  3/1/23  5:28 pm
No environmental variance for data centers Heidi Whitesel  3/1/23  5:36 pm
No to variance Reginald Berry  3/1/23  5:38 pm
No to Variance Diane Davidson  3/1/23  6:09 pm
Do Not Allow This Variance David Domnitch  3/1/23  8:17 pm
Technical Analysis and Policy Recommendations on Order and Local Variance for Data Centers Joel Yu, Enchanted Rock  3/1/23  10:49 pm
Vote No Elizabeth Romano  3/2/23  8:17 am
No no and NO to the variance Anonymous (209324)  3/2/23  8:52 am
Diesel generators Elaine Romanias  3/2/23  9:19 am
NO to Data Centers NO to variances NO to environmental devastation in rural areas Heidi Stirrup  3/2/23  9:59 am
YES to variance L. Patrick  3/2/23  12:55 pm
YES to variance Winnie Throckmorton  3/2/23  1:05 pm
NO to Variance; Need Fewer Data Centers Lauren Puzder  3/2/23  1:07 pm
No to Variance! Stop the Data Centers! Keith Puzder  3/2/23  1:07 pm
Support DEQ Variance but Limit it to Eastern Loudoun County Kenneth Bland  3/2/23  1:08 pm
Yes to Variance José Santoris  3/2/23  1:19 pm
Yes to the variance Wanda Smith  3/2/23  1:34 pm
Yes to Variance Susan Arrington  3/2/23  2:12 pm
YES to variance Adam Smith  3/2/23  3:12 pm
Yes to variance Mary Thomas  3/2/23  3:15 pm
Yes to Variance James Mann  3/2/23  3:15 pm
I do not support issuing a variance for data ceters Anonymous (209409)  3/2/23  4:52 pm
Support DEQ Variance however Limit it to Eastern Loudoun County thomas ackerly  3/2/23  5:00 pm
YES To Variance Thomas Underwood  3/2/23  5:02 pm
Yes to Variance - amend to Limit it to Loudoun County Sarah Ramey  3/2/23  5:03 pm
Yes to Variance Ruth Williamsson  3/2/23  5:04 pm
Support the Variance Mr Beverly Davis  3/2/23  5:09 pm
Support the variance Beverly Parsons  3/2/23  5:11 pm
The Variance is a good idea bettie compton  3/2/23  5:13 pm
YES to Variance for Data Centers Pamela Butler  3/2/23  5:14 pm
Yes to variance. P. Snyder  3/2/23  5:36 pm
Yes! Jimmy Bullard  3/2/23  6:46 pm
Yes to variance Nick Ewing  3/2/23  9:03 pm
Support DEQ Variance but Limit it to Eastern Loudoun County Ryan Butler  3/2/23  11:31 pm
No! If not available, shouldn’t have been built! Scott Hill  3/3/23  4:36 am
Most of these yes’s are people selling their land for data centers. You can look them up easily Erik Karl  3/3/23  6:14 am
No to Variance. No to Data Centers Anonymous (209435)  3/3/23  6:42 am
NO to variance for diesel generators Tiffany M  3/3/23  7:01 am
No to diesel variance Jay Turley  3/3/23  7:16 am
NO to Diesel variance Anonymous (209438)  3/3/23  7:31 am
No to the variance and the greedy pageland owners! Anonymous (209439)  3/3/23  7:34 am
I do not support the variance for diesel generators Rebecca Timothy  3/3/23  7:48 am
NO to Deisel Variance Edith Rutz  3/3/23  7:52 am
NO diesel variance ever. Tammy Leiter  3/3/23  8:05 am
No Diesel Variance Brian Straub  3/3/23  8:06 am
No Diesel Variance G Spinillo  3/3/23  9:43 am
No Diesel Variance Stop Datacenter Proliferation!  3/3/23  10:05 am
No DEQ variance for data center!! Kevin Rollison  3/3/23  11:46 am
Well, it is now clear when the emails/texts went out to the landowners that are cashing out! Anonymous (209456)  3/3/23  12:06 pm
No to Variance for Diesel Generators J Robinson  3/3/23  1:20 pm
Generators at data centers Robert Mifflin  3/3/23  2:07 pm
Diesel Generators Ellis Chapman  3/3/23  3:37 pm
No diesel variance for data centers Nan McCarry  3/3/23  3:44 pm
Opposed to any variance Donna Gallant  3/3/23  4:35 pm
Deny the Variance Philip Latasa  3/3/23  5:12 pm
Yes to Variance Dean Inga  3/3/23  7:08 pm
Don't Expose Our Children To Toxic Diesel Pollution- NO TO VARIANCES FOR DATA CENTERS Katya Pleickhardt  3/3/23  7:22 pm
Deny the variance Rob Pixley  3/3/23  9:26 pm
No More Emissions Mike Gulden  3/3/23  9:38 pm
Stop bulldozing my tranquility for profit Paul  3/4/23  9:38 am
Support DEQ Variance but Limit it to Eastern Loudoun County Nicole Bland  3/4/23  12:56 pm
No Variance - PERIOD. Dominion and PJM need a plan with integrity, not backup diesel generators Kathryn Kulick, Vice Chair HOA Roundtable of Northern Virginia  3/4/23  2:30 pm
Yes to variance Eugene Smith  3/5/23  8:44 am
I promote this variance Jane Lamour  3/5/23  8:47 am
NO to the variance! Insist the industry step up to environmental responsibility!!! Wendy C Ault, MD  3/5/23  7:24 pm
I Don't Want To Breathe Toxic Diesel Pollutants- George Mason Student Opposed To DEQ Variances David Pleickhardt, George Mason University Student  3/6/23  7:42 am
NO - Bandaid Solution to Much Larger Problem Anonymous (209536)  3/6/23  9:27 am
Data center Brad Bradshaw  3/6/23  12:51 pm
No varience please Anonymous (209610)  3/6/23  1:45 pm
No to diesel use at data centers Anita Spain  3/6/23  9:32 pm
Let VA become the Green Data Center market leader Russ H  3/6/23  9:56 pm
Data Center Marvina Kurdab  3/6/23  10:42 pm
No to diesel variance and no to data centers Anonymous (209796)  3/7/23  10:05 am
Air Pollution knows no boundaries - Limiting variance to eastern Loudon County is senseless David Dickhaut  3/7/23  10:24 am
Nature Forward opposes diesel-powered data centers Renee Grebe (Nature Forward)  3/7/23  4:03 pm
Yes to variance Jean Thomas  3/8/23  10:17 am
Yes to variance Miguel Cortez  3/8/23  10:21 am
Noise variance Albert Cheung  3/8/23  2:51 pm
Noise variance data center Mariza Cheung  3/8/23  2:52 pm
No to data center noise variance Izabella Cheung  3/8/23  2:54 pm
No to data center noise variance Attila Cheung  3/8/23  2:55 pm
No to data center noise variance Celeztia Cheung  3/8/23  2:56 pm
No to data center noise variance Maria Escobar  3/8/23  2:57 pm
No to data center noise variance Albert Cheung  3/8/23  3:00 pm
No to data center noise variance Mariza Cheung  3/8/23  3:01 pm
No to the variance - stand behind the meaning of the words "Environmental Quality" anonymous (210174)  3/8/23  4:11 pm
No to this variance, don’t want deisel fumes polluting our air for months at a time. Solar power! Ruth  3/9/23  6:24 am
NO to ANY variance Sonja Anderson  3/9/23  12:25 pm
AGAINST-NO Mark Berkowitz  3/9/23  6:00 pm
AGAINST-NO Carry Harrington  3/9/23  6:10 pm
No to Variance for Diesel Generators R Robinson  3/10/23  1:51 pm
No to power variances FRANK J NAHLIK  3/10/23  8:00 pm
No more!! Rachel Pierce  3/10/23  9:59 pm
Enough Doreen Mizrahi  3/10/23  10:29 pm
Stop the greed of the Data Centers M.R  3/11/23  9:31 am
No Data Center Variance TAH2  3/11/23  10:25 am
No to Dirty Diesel. (Yes to Batteries.) R Kraft  3/11/23  12:18 pm
Noxious diesel fumes, noise...and the beat goes on! Glenn Kidder  3/11/23  3:02 pm
No to Diesel Back-up Generators Sally Peterson  3/11/23  7:44 pm
NO TO DATA CENTERS !!! Maria Smith  3/11/23  8:22 pm
This is a horrible idea Common sense  3/12/23  8:52 pm
No to Data Center Variance Mark Menacker  3/13/23  12:13 am
No variance for data centers Anonymous (211582)  3/13/23  1:23 pm
No to diesel generator backups for Data Centers Joseph R Marshall  3/13/23  4:11 pm
No variance, STOP Data Center Construction and Destruction in Virginia Anonymous (211628)  3/13/23  4:14 pm
No to Noise, Excess Energy Use, Unsightly Buildings, Loss of Nature Sheryll J  3/13/23  8:55 pm
Protect our air and the environment! Susan  3/14/23  10:34 am
Data Center Variances: Heck NO Anonymous (211844)  3/14/23  6:18 pm
Data Center Variances: Heck NO Anonymous (211845)  3/14/23  6:18 pm
Don not authorize the DEQ variance William Gatlenmans  3/14/23  6:24 pm
Do not allow Diesel back up power for Data Centers Cathy Marshall  3/14/23  11:55 pm
Diesel Generators for Data Centers Bob Marshall  3/14/23  11:56 pm

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