11/19/2012 4:07 pm
Date / Time filed with the Register of Regulations
VA.R. Document Number: R____-______
Virginia Register Publication Information

Transmittal Sheet: Response to Petition for Rulemaking
Initial Agency Notice
Agency Decision
Promulgating Board: Board of Counseling
Regulatory Coordinator: Catherine Chappell


Agency Contact: Elaine J. Yeatts

Agency Regulatory Coordinator


Contact Address: Department of Health Professions

9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300

Richmond, VA 23233
Chapter Affected:
18 vac 115 - 20: Regulations Governing the Practice of Professional Counseling
Statutory Authority: State: Chapter 35 of Title 54.1

Date Petition Received 07/09/2012
Petitioner Sandra Gedney Anderson
 Petitioner's Request
That the Board provide the names of persons who have earned their supervisory qualifications in order for residents to find a supervisor.
 Agency Plan
The petition will be published in the Register of Regulations and sent to persons on the public participation guidelines listing for the Board with a request for comment. Following close of comment on August 30, 2012, the Board will consider whether it has statutory authority to have a registry of qualified supervisors.
Publication Date 07/30/2012  (comment period will also begin on this date)
Comment End Date 08/30/2012
 Agency Decision
Take no action
Agency Response Date 11/19/2012
 Agency Decision Text
While members concurred in the value of a listing of qualified supervisors, it was concluded that there was no authority in the statute to register supervisor or maintain a list of qualified persons.  Such authorization would require introduction of legislation in the General Assembly and a change in the law.  Therefore, the Board is unable to accomplish the request through an amendment to its regulations.