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10/10/11  6:18 pm
Commenter: Claire Henderson

support ALL qualified prospective parents

As an adoptive parent I know all the hoops any hopeful candidate must jump through! I was never a foster parent but I would imagine that process is similarly rigorous. Any person who makes it through the criminal background checks, the financial disclosures, the health exams, the multiple personal reference letters, the extensive homestudy including face to face interviews with a social worker who passes judgement on whether you are suitable parent material; well, this person will make a committed, knowledgable, patient, parent. Each one of these people is a treasure and if you have two of them together in a household, all the better! Seriously, the dossier collected on any prospective parent will ferret out any of the undesirable behaviors uneducated people seem to ascribe to all gay/lesbians.The regulations governing the process by which an organization determines the suitability of any person to become an adoptive or foster parent should state that sexual orientation of the candidate should not be a factor in the decision to approve or reject that person. God bless the religious organizations which go to the considerable trouble to provide these services but if any group wanting to place children for adoption or foster care can't be satisfied with the abundant information gathered in the dossier, without regard to sexual orientation, they should rethink their motivation, since they may not truly have the children's best interests as their primary goal.

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