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10/10/11  6:09 pm
Commenter: Natasha Littlepage

Everyone Needs Love

Children need homes. They need a loving environment to grow and to stay out of trouble. It's already tough enough as it to get adopted, because of someone not wanting them for whatever reason. By having this kind of legislation, it would make it even harder. The children themselves don't care who they're parents are. They just want someone to love them and be there for them. In the long run, these kids will stay in the system until they're eighteen and then they'll be on their own. Eventually they may end up in prisons.

As for the people who want to adopt, this legislation will prevent them from fulfilling their dream of being parents. They turn adoption because they can't have children on their own. They shouldn't be discriminated against just because of their religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or anything that may considered harmful to a child's upbringing.



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